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We welcome you to the GameTwist fan club. On this site you can play games from GameTwist for free and for real money, find a variety of bonuses and promotions such as Free Spins and free coins. As well as a lot of useful information designed not only for new and experienced players.


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GameTwist – Games for fun

GameTwist – is a casino gaming platform with modern gameplay. The gambling establishment attracts attention by the presence of its own currency, a variety of gambling entertainment and a well-thought-out bonus program. GameTwist is regulated by the license of Curacao, there is a mobile application for Android and iOS.

Owner Funstage GmbH
Platform Own
Year of foundation 2007
Address A-1050 Wien, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 94
Reg. number. FN 258215 d
Game types Slot machines, Live dealer, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Bingo, Roulette, Arcade,
Other board and card games.
Number of games 480
Languages German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Greek, Czech, Portuguese, Turkish.
Support languages German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Greek, Czech, Portuguese, Turkish.
Account currency: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, HUF, CZK, PLN, RON, HRK, RUB, TRY, BRL, Sar
Min. deposit 0,99 EUR
Max. deposit 499,99 EUR
Withdrawal of funds Not available
Mobile application Available for Android and iOS

History of GameTwist

GameTwist was founded in 2012. It is owned by the company FunStage, whose office is located in Vienna, Austria. The basic principle of the platform is that a game should be fun and serve only entertainment purposes. That is why the game is played with virtual money "twists" on GameTwist. They cannot be exchanged or withdrawn in cash.

Platform completely observes the policy of responsible gaming. The site supports more than 10 language versions, including English. This confirms the orientation of the casino on the international market. In addition, the platform is designed so as to protect users from financial risks - twists can be obtained in different ways, including for participation in promotions.

Features of GameTwist

When you first visit GameTwist, is recommended to look at the thoughtful interface of the site. The site design is laconic: the games are conveniently divided into several sections, a personal account with advanced functionality. Bottom of the site devoted to sections with privacy policy and legal information.

level system

One of the features of the site is its own currency. Twists can be obtained for registration, daily game, for participation in promotions or Challenges. In addition, the online club has a VIP loyalty program, various Challenges and Stamp Bonuses. This all makes it possible to play slot machines for free: more than 1000 games of different types are collected in the catalog.

Account level system

After registration on GameTwist, users go to level 1. There are a total of 10 of them. For the game at the site, XP-points are accrued. They accumulate and are displayed on a special progress slider. To go to a new level, you must accumulate a certain amount of points. Each new level brings certain bonuses:

Level Bonus twists Maximum bet
1 3000 1250
2 3000 1250
3 4000 1250
4 4000 1250
5 5000 2500
6 5000 2500
7 5500 2500
8 5500 2500
9 6000 3750
10 6000 3750

Slot Races

Slot Races is a short-term tournament in which participants must perform certain tasks. For this they are awarded points. The competition with other players is conducted in real time. At GameTwist Races are held in 4 formats:

  1. Flash. Short competitions last from 10 minutes to 3 hours. 
  2. Daily. Daily competition, lasting 24 hours.
  3. Weekly. A one-week event that starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.
  4. Special. A special tournament, it has different durations. Most often it is held in anticipation of seasonal holidays.

It's easy to distinguish them by color coding. There is an important nuance: some Races are available only when reaching a certain level. Most often this rule applies to Daily Races. Tournaments also differ in the mechanics of the calculation of points:

  • Bigger is Better. The higher the winnings compared to the bet, the higher the number of points awarded.
  • Lucky Streak. You can get points if you collect a full series of wins.;
  • Break the Bank. On the final amount of points affects the total amount of winnings.
  • Spin Star. Points are awarded for the number of spins.

slot races

Available tournaments are updated on a daily basis. To select Slot Races, it is recommended to consider several important criteria:

  • The possible number of winners;
  • The duration of the tournament;
  • The mechanics of the competition;
  • The expected winnings;
  • The games involved in the Race.

It is necessary to pay attention to the recently held Races. This will allow you to estimate the size of the winnings and compare your chances of getting them.


Challenges - these are short-term competitions. In them, you can get twists for completing certain tasks in select slots. The available Challenges on the GameTwist are hidden behind the image of the dartboard. The number of actual contests is also indicated there.


As soon as a player opens the challange window, he will see:

  • the remaining time to participate;
  • slots to play;
  • the step-by-step tasks;
  • the minimum rate.

Tasks in the Challenge are divided into stages. This allows gamers to easily keep track of the level to which they have advanced. At each stage, provides prizes. The biggest prize awaits users who complete all tasks.

Prizes are different: free spins, twists, VIP-points, boosters. This is true of the tasks as well. For example, "Put 150,000 Twists" or "Make 50 Spins".

Skill Coin System

Skill Coins are special coins into which twists are transformed during the game in Skill Games. The exchange rate depends on the level of the account. The Skill rate can be specified when starting a new game. As soon as the game ends, skill-coins are automatically converted to twists.

Time bonuses

Time bonuses are rewards that are awarded at regular intervals. They enable GameTwist users to receive twists for free play. Only registered gamers can take advantage of such a gift.

Countdown timer is located at the bottom of the official site. It indicates not only how much time is left until the activation of the gift, but also its size. Most often, players can get 7,000 coins at intervals of once every two hours. To do this, click on the image of the timer.

For active play in GameTwist and participation in promotions you can get donations. These are special bonuses that are available to all registered users. They are presented in several variations: boosters, stamp bonuses, recharge bonuses, coupons.

Deposit bonuses

Members of the loyalty program or VIP-club can get top-up bonuses. They are activated when a package of twists is purchased for real money. The amount of the bonus depends on the player's level: the higher it is, the higher the bonus to the purchased coin bundle - from 10% to 50%. For example, if a Ruby player buys a bundle of 20,900,000 coins, he will receive an additional 30% of that amount as a bonus - 6,270,000 twists. 

Stamp Bonuses

For each purchase of Twists in the store, 1 Stamp Bonus is credited. To receive a Stamp Bonus, you must collect 5 stamps to receive bonus Twists. 3 stamps are automatically credited when you register on GameTwist. Stamp card is valid for 30 days from the date of the first stamp.


To get a booster or shop bonus, you need to go to the store. It is presented in two variations:

  • Time Bonus Booster. Increases the number of twists available when you activate the time bonus. The reward is valid from 1 hour to 14 days. Cost depends on duration: $1.03 to $10.41.
  • XP Booster. Increases the amount of XP points and allows you to move to the next level faster. Duration of the bonus from 1 hour to 7 days. The cost of the bonus also varies: from $1.03 to $26.05.


Available boosters are renewed every 8 hours. You can combine them with spec games and other promotions.

VIP Status

GameTwist has a sort of loyalty program or VIP club. Program points begin to be credited immediately after the first purchase of twists. Depending on the number of points accumulated, the user is assigned VIP status. It determines the available privileges: increased daily bonuses, time bonuses, and gifts for refills.

The program provides 7 levels. To move from one level to the next, you need to accumulate a certain number of points. The progress is displayed in the personal cabinet. Participation in the VIP club is free and opens to users the following opportunities:

Level Time-bonus supplement Time-bonus interval Day-bonus supplement Deposit bonuses
Bronze +10% 1:45 +10% +10%
Silver +20% 1:45 +20% +10%
Gold +30% 1:30 +30% +20%
Platinum +30% 1:15 +40% +20%
Ruby +40% 1:15 +50% +30%
Diamond +40% 1:00 +60% +40%
Black +50% 1:00 +70% +50%


In your personal cabinet there is a tab "Activate Coupon". This is a promo code, which gives the opportunity to get additional twists. To activate a coupon, you need to insert it in a special field and click "Activate". Accrued coins will immediately appear on the main balance. You can find current coupons in the promotional newsletter from GameTwist, in the social networks of the site or on thematic forums. 

Bonus for a friend

The GameTwist site has a referral program. To get various twist bonuses for your friends. The user is assigned an individual link. If a new player clicks on it and registers, and then buys twists, they are entitled to special bonuses. Each higher the level and the larger the package of twists, the more favorable the bonus is. The maximum bonus amount for a friend is 500,000,000 twists. 


GameTwist has over 1,000 games of different types in its catalog. This is not only classic slots, but also live games, poker, bingo, skill and card games. For convenience, all the machines are divided into several categories: "Slots", "Casino", "Poker", "Bingo", "Skills". Games can also be filtered by popularity or use the built-in search bar by name.


Section "Slots" is one of the most numerous - it contains over 500 slot machines from the FunStage company. Among this variety, you can highlight several popular slots:

  • Super 2 Dice;
  • Rising Joker;
  • Joker Party 6;
  • Welcome Fortune;
  • Wild Ranger.

Separately worth noting the thematic variety of slots. Users can play machines devoted to space, treasure hunting, ancient civilizations, pirates, cowboys.

Worthy of attention and thought-out interface section. Slots are divided into several categories: "New", "Highroller", "Fruit", "Featured", "Free Spins", "Challenges". This makes it easy to choose a slot based on its main features - bonus features, bet size or themes.

In addition to the variety of themes, slots in GameTwist are distinguished by the support of bonus features: available wild, scatter symbols, multipliers, bonus rounds and risk games. This increases the chances of compiling prize combinations. The average payout rate slots 96%, volatility is also above average. In many of the machines a fixed and progressive jackpot is available.


Bingo is a popular board game with simple rules and high odds of winning. At the site it is presented in 4 varieties:

  • 50 balls;
  • 60 balls;
  • 75 balls;
  • 90 balls.

Difference is only in the number of balls with digits, which fall out after the start of the game. No more than 4 tickets with different sets of numbers can be connected in one game.

The draw begins immediately after the bet is made. The numbers, falling out on the balls, are automatically compared with those in the tickets. If a match is found, the numbers are crossed out. If a bingo pattern can be assembled, the game is considered a winning one.

In some bingo variations, it is possible to additionally purchase numbers balls for a bet. To increase the chances of winning, it is recommended to buy several tickets at once. You should also consider whether bonus games are provided in a particular bingo variation.


Card classics in the form of poker at GameTwist is presented in two variations: 

  1. A card game against real opponents. The game is played against real people. Depending on the type of poker, the principles of card dealings differ.
  2. Video poker. A simplified version of poker for one player. To win, you need to make a poker combination. Cards are dealt by the computer.

These games are: "American Poker II", "Live Poker", "Deuces Wild", "Jacks or Better", "Grand Hold'em". A total of 5 games are presented in the section "Poker" with the same name. It is likely that the assortment will be replenished with new products.

Users who are just getting acquainted with poker, first of all, need to understand the main principle of the game: to win you need to collect a prize combination of cards.


Blackjack is one of the popular card games on GameTwist. We can name 3 games that are played most often:

  • Live Blackjack;
  • Lux Blackjack;
  • Highroller live Blackjack.

Blackjack is characterized by simple rules of the game, which can quickly understand even a novice. The game itself is quite dynamic and exciting. To win it you need to score more points than the other players, but not more than 21 points. If you stop the boundary, the game is lost.

Before the start of the game players make bets. Next, the dealer joins in. First, gamers are dealt two cards each, then they have to make a decision: take an extra card, divide the cards in their hands, surrender the cards. At the end of the party cards are counted and the winners/losers are determined. For more information on the rules of blackjack, see the description of the game.


Roulette on GameTwist presented in several variations:

  • European. Contains 37 sectors colored in black and red. Sector 0 is highlighted in green. The difference between European Roulette is the rule En Prison - if the ball hits the zero sector, bets with 50/50 odds are frozen until the next round.
  • French. The structure of this type of roulette does not differ from the European. Wheel contains 37 sectors, as well as provides the rule La Partage - if falling zero, bets with a 50/50 chance are divided by 2.
  • American. The Wheel contains 38 sectors: the standard structure is complemented by sector 00. There is no track for verbal bets. The American variety has a Surrender rule - on a roll on zero, bets with a 50/50 chance are divided by half.

You can find roulette in the "Casino" section. The most popular games among players are Lux Roulette, Live Roulette, and European Roulette.


GameTwist users can show their skills in the skill games. They are divided into three major categories: table games, arcade and card games. The game is played against real opponents. 

Skill games use Skill-Coins for betting: the balance of twists is automatically converted into Coins after the game starts. A fixed rate is used for the exchange - it depends on the player's level. Betting is available to all users.

Board games

For those who like to spend time playing board games, the site has a separate section with games in online format. Presented are such gambling entertainments: 

  • backgammon;
  • poker with dice;
  • pachisi;
  • billiards;
  • dominoes;
  • chess;
  • mahjong.

In addition to the standard and many well-known games like backgammon or dominoes, it is recommended to pay special attention to rare games. For example, pachisi. This is an ancient Indian game, which can play at the same time not more than 4 users. Rarely found in the range of gaming clubs and poker on dice. Such a variety of games makes the site GameTwist unique in comparison with competitors.

Card games

Card games is one of the main sections of games. Here users have access to popular entertainment: solitaire, hearts, bridge, and osprey. Lovers of original games will also be able to pick up a machine taking into account their interests: it can be remi, belote, canasta, burraco, French tarot.

In total, the section with the card games collected about 20 titles. Immediately after starting the game, you need to specify the size of the bet. There is an important nuance: most of the games are team games. Therefore, the game can be played with friends against other players, who will be randomly connected to the table. More about the features of the variety of card games can be found in the section with background information.

Arcade Games

There are only two machines in the arcade games section, but they deserve the attention of users: "Sugar" and "Jewel Magic". The game, as in the other Skill Games is played for special coins. Arcade games will appeal to users who prefer an intense game. Automated games provide for several lives and have a simple storyline.

Advantages and disadvantages of the GameTwist platform over other manufacturers

GameTwist platform has its own game currency. FunStage has emphasized the entertainment purposes of GameTwist, so twists are designed to play. It is not possible to withdraw winnings. You can only spend money to buy coins. You can get them for participating in promotions, loyalty program, tournaments and Challenges. 

Advantages of GameTwist:

  • no financial risks;
  • a large selection of slot machines;
  • games with dealers;
  • multilevel loyalty program;
  • extended bonus program;
  • 24-hour support service;
  • mobile application for Android and iOS.

In order for the review to be honest, it is also worth highlighting several disadvantages of the platform. For example, the lack of withdrawal of winnings for many players is a minus. Users argue that this is less excitement from the game. A small disadvantage and mandatory registration on GameTwist. Not always gamers want to create an account and enter their data for the game. 

It will also be useful to compare GameTwist with other platforms and producers. To illustrate the comparison, we have prepared a table where we considered GameTwist, Casino and Gaminator.

Criteria GameTwist Online Casino Gaminator
License Curaçao UK, Malta, Gibraltar, Curaçao or CRAIL license - the regulator depends on the casino The UK Gambling Commission
Playing for money - + -
Types of slot machines Slots, card and table games, live dealer games Slots, card and table games, live dealer games Slots
Software Producers Novomatic Amatic, Spinomenal, Playson, NetEnt, Booongo, Fugaso et al. Novomatic
Live dealer games + + +
Bonus Program Freespins, Welcome Bonus, Booster, Time Bonus Welcome Bonus, Cashback, freespins, reload bonus, promo codes -
Loyalty Program + + +
Withdrawing winnings - + +
Variety of payment methods Visa/MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal Visa/MasterCard, PayPal. Neteller, ecoPayz, advCash Depends on the casino
Customer Service 24/7 24/7 24/7
Mobile application Android, iOS Depends on the casino Depends on the casino

Exploring real user reviews will also be useful. This makes it possible to highlight the advantages or disadvantages of GameTwist.

The most famous slot machines GameTwist

GameTwist catalog contains 500+ slot machines. They are known to many gamers, as they are in the catalogs of popular casinos. These are such slots:

Book of Ra Deluxe
Book of Ra Deluxe

Popular slot machine dedicated to the Egyptian theme. Players for a short time to become archaeologists and try to solve all the mysteries of the pyramids. Symbolism slot thought out in detail: an Egyptian idol with wings, scarab beetle, sarcophagus. Of the bonus features available in the machine wild, scatter, freespins and multipliers. RTP level of 95.5%, the volatility is above average.

Lucky Lady's Charm
Lucky Lady's Charm

Bright and exciting slot, which attracts a variety of bonus features and a large maximum winnings (675,000 coins on the size of the bet). The machine has a simple structure of 5 reels and 10 lines, the RTP level of 95.13%. Increase your chances of winning can be in the risk game if you guess the face value of the fallen out of the card.

Lord of the Ocean
Lord of the Ocean

The machine is a leader in many rankings. It is dedicated to the search for treasure - in addition to the exciting storyline, point out well-developed game symbols: the statue, chest, amulet with the image of Poseidon. Double your winnings can be in a risky game: you have to guess the color of the card. The maximum win of 250,000 coins, taking into account the size of the bet.

Sizzling Hot
Sizzling Hot

The slot is dedicated to fruity themes. The machine has large multipliers (maximum x5000), high volatility and bright graphics. We should also mention the variety of bonus features: wild, scatter, free spins and risk doubling game.

Dolphin's Pearl
Dolphin's Pearl

Slot machine is dedicated to water themes, has a standard structure and bright symbols: pearls, seashells, dolphins, underwater reefs. The advantage of the technical characteristics of the device: the maximum multiplier x9000, RTP 96.17%, the volatility is higher than average.

These slots marked "TOP" and are located on the main page of the site. Pay attention to the machines from the category "Recommended". These games are: "Chilli El Toro", "Rising Joker", "Joker Party 6", "Magic 81 Lines", "Mystic Secrets". They are played more often because of the fascinating plot, a high level of payout and big winnings.

Where better to play for real money?

To play at a casino for real money casino choose a licensed casino. This will allow you to be confident in the reliability of the site, the legality of slot machines and the ability to quickly withdraw winnings. The most reliable are considered gambling clubs:

100% UP TO €500 + 200 FS

That's casino for those who want to get a variety of bonus rewards: promotions are updated on a regular basis. The advantages of Boomerang also include a large selection of live games with a real dealer and clock service support.

UP TO €1 500 + 270 FS

Popular casino with a concise design and a large selection of games. The catalog includes not only classic slots and card games, table games, live dealer games.


A well-known casino, which operates in the international market. Gaming club is known for a generous welcome bonus and a wide range of games with a progressive jackpot.

UP TO €1 000 + 125 FS

Popular casino with a wide range of slot machines. In the institution you can get a variety of bonuses: cashback, cash bonuses, freespins. You can take part in loyalty program, tournaments with a large prize pool. For easy play in the slots provided a convenient mobile application - you can download it on Android and iOS.

To choose a casino, focus on the following criteria:

  • the variety of slot machines;
  • bonus program;
  • loyalty program;
  • payment methods;
  • the availability of mobile applications;
  • the work of support service;
  • the level of protection of personal data.

Playing for real money involves real financial risks. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the rules of responsible gaming. On GameTwist they are collected in a separate section. Many casinos give an opportunity to temporarily block the account - it will be useful for those who feel addicted to the game and incur financial losses.

GameTwist game with free coins

Demo versions of slots are provided for free play. They are available to all users of the site and do not require a deposit to the account. This completely eliminates financial risks. Withdraw the winnings also can not. Demo machines provide a few nuances:

  • For bets issued virtual coins. Their number is limited - to update the bankroll, you must restart the machine.
  • The functionality of the demo version of the slot and its full version coincide. This can also be said about the design of the machine, its bonus options and technical characteristics.
  • Play in demo mode can be unlimited number of times.

Versions of slots with free coins are suitable for beginners who run the machine for the first time. This allows you to test the machine for payoff and volatility, to understand the principle of bonus options and check the presence / absence of the jackpot. Also, the demo mode is recommended to choose users who do not want to risk money, and just want to enjoy the game. 

Collecting daily links with free coins and spins also allows you to play without restrictions on the official recurse. You can use external resources and aggregators such as ReallySpins. They often pulbikuyut several links with the amount of game currency from 15000 Free Coins.

How to play and win? Systems, strategies and techniques for winning

At the heart of slot machines is a random number generator. This means that it is impossible to predict the possible winnings. It is impossible to cheat the slot - all users have a chance of winning. To increase them, you can resort to strategies:

  • Martingale. With each losing bet to increase the size of the next bet. In order not to lose the whole bankroll, you must set betting limits. Each successful bet makes up for a losing bet. 
  • Pyramid. The player gradually increases the bet. Once the maximum is reached, the bet is reduced. Let's look at an example. If the maximum bet of 5 coins, then the scheme is as follows: -1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1. 
  • Parlay. After each loss the bet is halved and doubled after winning. Betting should be minimal, as large bets can lead to a loss. 
  • High-low. Low and high bets alternate. Let's break it down in the diagram. If the maximum bet of 5 coins, then the scheme is: 5-1-5-1-5-1. The strategy is not suitable for slot machines with a progressive jackpot. 
  • Fibonacci. Suitable for roulette games with a small budget. Each bet is twice as big as the previous one. In the scheme it looks like this: 1-2-4-8-16-32 and up to the maximum bet. 

Increase the probability of winning in the slots will also help bonuses. In GameTwist available rewards of these types:

  1. Freespins. These are free spins that can be used in slots to spin the reels. You can get them for activating a coupon, registering on the site or participating in promotions.
  2. Bonus Twists. Coins, which are used for betting in slot machines. Issued as a welcome bonus, for participation in promotions, in the form of a time bonus, as a booster. 
  3. XP points. They should be collected for the level system and loyalty program. The higher the level and status of the player, the more bonuses are available to him.

In GameTwist, accrued rewards do not need to wagering. This is another advantage of the game club. Bonuses in the form of twists immediately credited to the main balance in the form of free spins are available after the launch of the slot.

Increase your chances of winning is also possible by taking advantage of the bonus feature slots. Wild symbol can substitute for any image on the playing field, and the scatter pays regardless of the fallout. If you activate the risk game, the last payment can be doubled at least. Particular attention should be paid to slots with a progressive jackpot.

Play with caution

All GameTwist users should follow the rules of responsible gaming. In brief, a few basic principles can be formed:

  1. You should use only your own funds to buy twists;
  2. Control the playing time;
  3. Take regular breaks;
  4. Not to play under the influence of alcohol and drugs;
  5. Find a balance between the game and everyday life.

Excessive fascination with games can cause the development of game addiction. If the first signs of it have become noticeable (uninterrupted game for several hours, quarrels with loved ones, uncontrolled spending money to buy twists), it is necessary to contact specialized organizations. Their contacts are listed on the site in the section "Responsible gaming".


What kind of games are most popular on GameTwist?

Among the variety of gambling entertainment on GameTwist two categories of games are popular: card games and slot machines. The first attract the attention of the simple rules and the ability to play with other users, and the second well thought-out plot and a variety of bonus features. 

What are the ways you can get more twists?

Extra twists for free play may be obtained by participating in promotions, using time bonuses, boosters, and gifts for referring friends. These twists are also available for new users who have just logged on.

Can I play GameTwist from my phone?

Yes, GameTwist is fully mobile adaptable. In addition, users can download the full mobile app. This is available on Android and iOS. 

How is GameTwist different from other sites?

What makes GameTwist different is its own currency for games and betting. Twists can be obtained by paying (buy for money) or by using bonuses. The winnings received in the games can not be withdrawn. The policy of the site assumes that the game is only for entertainment purposes. 

Is there a welcome bonus available at GameTwist?

Yes, users can get a welcome bonus for registration. Its size is 30,000 free twists and 15 spins for popular slots.

What do I need to start playing at GameTwist?

The first step to play on GameTwist is to register an account. The procedure is not complicated and requires the provision of personal data. Immediately after that, free twists are added to the account. They can be used to play any of the machines in the catalog. 

Can I withdraw my winnings?

No, it cannot be done. Winnings in the slot machines are credited to the balance in the form of twists. They can be used to buy bonuses or to bet in games. Playing on GameTwist is for entertainment purposes only.

What are the Challenges and Slot Races?

Challenges and Slot Races are not just one of the competition formats, but also the opportunity to obtain extra twists for your game. Competitions come in a variety of formats and have varying prize pools. This should also be taken into account.