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Screenshot of the game Amazing Stars


Graphics of the game is simply stunning: the main screen is located on a dark blue background, the icons of various fruits shimmer and sparkle, and the rotation of drums accompanied by the traditional recognizable sounds that delighted more than one generation of gamers since the first one-armed bandit. In a word, everything is exactly as if you were back in time, in the days of land-based gambling halls, but with better quality slot machines.

Playing Amazing Stars is a pure pleasure as the payouts are staggering and the extra features give you the chance to win big with a double Jackpot which you get for the five lucky sevens and the 15 star symbols. Your winnings will be calculated according to the payout table + 20% of your casino budget. And if you play at maximum bet you will get all 100% of the profits Joker Casino! There is a special scatter symbol in the game, playing on the lines, regardless of its location, thereby increasing your chances of winning. And when you collect three of these icons you will be gifted with 10 free games. Also at your disposal is the ability to double your existing winnings in the risk game, automatic spinning of the reels, the ability to pause them while spinning and much more. All this makes this slot machine popular and attractive to any category of players. We suggest you consider all of these advantages in more detail.


The machine is equipped with a classic slot field with five reels and five active lines. the number of which in the game remains the same. management of the game Amazing Stars by the traditional set of buttons bet / line with + / -, which regulate the rate in the game. Start button activates the rotation of the reels, as well as stopping them during the game. On the left side of the bottom panel you can go to the paytable and explore all the combinations of symbols and payouts for them, as well as the necessary information on bonuses and additional games. There is also a button to start the automatic spinning of the reels. In the upper right corner above the main screen are the sound and image settings.

After each prize combination in this slot there is a traditional risk game mode, which allows you to double the existing amount of your prize, which will either bring you a double bet or, alas, leave you with nothing.


Amazing Stars is a great combination of quality and fun and is an unbeatable slot machine with a colorful and lucrative payout. Amazing Stars has some mind-blowing payouts which you don't have to go to Las Vegas to get! All this you can do without leaving your favorite monitor computer. Try Amazing Stars slot today, perhaps these lucky breaks and give you the long-awaited luck and greatly enrich your purse.