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Screenshot of the game Sharky

Slot machine Sharky - a model which is known since the land-based gambling rooms. In online institutions slot machine has also become popular. Many gamblers are playing for real money in this emulator and win at the same time up to 200,000 coins. With slot machine Sharky not be bored: players waiting for the Wild substitution, three types of scatters, the risk game and freespins with special conditions.

Payouts in Sharky slot machine in the casino

On the field of the slot machine Sharky in the virtual casino landed a category of symbols:

  • Cards with odds from 2 to 150;
  • Thematic icons with payouts from 20 to 1000;
  • Wilds with payoffs from 2 to 5000;
  • Scatter, bringing from 45 to 900!

Winning is a combination of 3-5 (sometimes 2-5) of the same elements that have fallen on the active line, starting with the first disc. Such rules apply only to the base pictures. The supersymbols are subject to other conditions.

Slot Sharkey - play for money

Playing for money in Sharky slot, maximum rewards can be obtained for combos with the Wilds. Hero in a red bandanna will give a prize even for 1 icon on the line. This symbol will replace all the standard images in the chains. His properties do not apply only to Scatter. They are in the slot machine 3. Compass lands on the drums randomly, bringing up to 900 credits. Ship and the island, once on the field, activate 10 frispinov.

During the freespinov hero in a boat trying to swim up to the chest with treasure, he hinders the shark. If the pirate manages to avoid the attack of the predator, the gamer will get an additional 2 to 50 total bets.

Run the simulator and help the character to complete the mission. He is sure to share his wealth with you, it is only worth showing patience and persistence.